Includes 1 VLTOR Quick Detach Sling Swivel No Butt Plate Sling Pin
Since There Is Limited Availability Of Steyr AUG A3s From Steyr We Are Now Offering 

AUG A3 CQC Rail System Kits For Existing AUG A3s

Time To Turn Your Plain Steyr AUG A3 Into A Steyr AUG A3 CQC

Its Best If You Send Your AUG A3 Receiver And Barrel For Us To Install The CQC Rail System Kit

Here Are The Reasons Why>
1. Steyr uses loctite on the bolts that hold the rail to the receiver. Good chance you would strip the screws. We have made a fixture that helps us remove them. The A3s we get from Steyr have no rails on them. 
2. The flash Hider has to be removed. Not an easy task.
3. The tolerance on the receiver and rails vary by a couple of thousands, some forearms won't fit on a certain receiver. We hand fit each CQC rail system to assure fit.
We could send you a kit, you could install it and the latch won't engage, only take a couple of 1000s to not work. The rails kits are precision machined, have to be to get a tight fit.
The original Steyr ones are loose, they shake side to side. 
Its not that we want to install them, we have to for them to be 100% right.
We send you the kit, you have problems with it, then what happens?
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