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Factory Steyr AUG/USR Parts 
All Parts Are 100% New And Factory Steyr

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  • Steyr AUG A3/M1 Receiver 
  • $1000 New Steyr STG77 Receiver Assembly, With High Rail (1 in stock)
  • A2 Steyr AUG Folding Charging Handle Assembly  Pic
  • $25 AUG/USR Factory Black A2 Charging Knob Pic
  • $35 A1 Charging Assembly, In Receiver  Pic
  • $20 A1 Green Charging Handle  Pic
  • $40 Barrel Lock Plunger & Spring  Pic
  • $30 Barrel Quick Release Button & Grub Screw Grn Or Black  Pic
  • $60 Set Of 3 New A2 Style Scope Adjust Knobs  Pic
  • $15 Front Sling Pin On Receiver  Pic

** All Items With Prices Are In Stock **
Check Out The Steyr Arms US Made AUG A3
Check Out The All New Steyr Arms US AUG A3
Click Here And Check Out The All New U.S. Made Steyr Arms AUG A3
Steyr SSG Picatinny Rail
  • $730 AUG/USR A1/2/3 Semi Auto Roller Bolt Carrier Group, Complete  Pic
  • $350 AUG/USR A1/2/3 Semi Auto Roller Bolt Carrier, Alone  Pic
  • $750 AUG Full Auto Roller Bolt Carrier Group, Complete  Pic
  • B/O AUG Full Auto Roller Bolt Carrier (Anti Bounce Pins Installed) Alone  Pic
  • AUG 9mm Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group, Complete  Pic
  • $30 AUG Carrier Recoil Rod Bushings  Pic
  • $15 AUG Bolt Carrier Roller  Pic
  • $5  AUG Bolt Carrier Roller Pin
  • $165 AUG Factory Recommended Small Spare Parts Kit  Pic
                (15 items that are most prone to wear and breakage) 
  • $230 AUG Right Hand Bolts  Pic
  • $230 AUG Left Hand Bolts  Pic
  • $42 AUG Bolt Control Pin Kits Pic
  • AUG Bolt Extractor, Extractor Spring & Pin Kit  Pic
  • $6 AUG Bolt Extractor Pins  Pic
  • AUG Bolt Ejector, Ejector Spring & Pin Kit  Pic
  • $45 AUG New Style Bolt Sleeves  Pic
  • $135 4 Piece AUG/USR New Style S/A- F/A Firing Pin Kits Pic
  • $110 3 Piece AUG/USR New Style S/A- F/A Firing Pin Kit  Pic
  • $65 AUG New Style S/A - F/A Firing Pin  Pic
  • AUG 4 Piece Full Auto Firing Pin Kit  Pic
  • AUG 3 Piece F/A Firing Pin Kit  Pic
  • AUG 4 Piece F/A Firing Pin Kit & Cocking Piece Kit  Pic
  • $35 Set Of 2 Steyr AUG/USR Recoil Springs Semi & Auto  Pic
  • $30 Right & Left Bolt Carrier Thrust Piece  Pic
  • $60 Set Of 2 F/A Anti Bounce Pins & Springs  Pic
  • $45 Steyr AUG A3 New Style S/A Cocking Piece  Pic
(locks and prevents firing pin from popping out of place)  Pic
  • $60 Steyr AUG/USR New Style Semi Auto Cocking Piece, Steel  Pic
  • $52 AUG Full Auto Cocking Piece  Pic
  • $75 Steyr AUG 223 & 9mm Full Auto Steel Cocking Piece
  • AUG 9mm Bolt Carrier Take Down Tool  Pic 
  • Steyr AUG Austrian Made 20" Barrel, As New
  • Steyr AUG Austria 9mm Barrel 
  • Original Austrian New 24" Steyr AUG Heavy Barrel With Bi Pod  Pic 
  • $450 U.S. Made (Cold Hammer Forged) AUG 16" Barrel 1:9 Twist Tulip Flash  Pic  
  • $450 U.S. Made (CH Forged) AUG 16" Barrel 1:7 Twist Tulip Flash 
  • U.S. Made (CH Forged)  24” AUG "HEAVY" LMG/Target Barrel --No Bi-Pod Pic
  • U.S. Made (Cold Hammer Forged)  20" Made AUG Barrel  Pic
  • $450 New 18" U.S. Made (Cold Hammer Forged)  Made AUG Barrel Pic
  • AUG PreBan Tulip Style Flash-Hider, Check Nut & Retainer Ring Kit  Pic
  • $130 AUG Barrel Gas System Kit  Pic
  • $95 AUG Factory Gas Plug  Pic
  • $45 AUG Gas Piston & Spring Kit  Pic
  • $35 Aug/USR Gas Piston With Rings  Pic
  • AUG Gas Piston Rings  Pic
  • $15 Aug/USR Gas Piston Spring  Pic
  • $13 Barrel Folding Grip Spring  Pic
  • $50 Barrel Folding Grip Green Or Black  Pic
  • $50 Barrel NON Folding Grip Black Or Green  Pic
  • $10 Barrel Folding Grip Bottom Cap Green Or Black (green on B/O)  Pic 
  • $260 AUG A2/A2/USR & A3 Factory Austrian Grip Rail Pic

      ** Factory Steyr Austrian Military Suppressor Gas Plug ** ​ On Back Order - Pic Below
  • Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3/M1 Green NATO S/A Stock Kit, Includes Nato Hammer Pack 
  • AUG A3 Blk S/A Stock w/last Rnd Bolt Open Release Pic 
  • AUG A3/M1 White S/A Stock & Grip Kit w/last Rnd Bolt Open Release Latch 
  • $515 AUG A3/M1 Green S/A Stock Kit, includes grip and charging handle 
  • Factory MUD A3/M1 Stock Kit, includes grip and charging handle 
  • Factory Black A3 S/A AUG NATO M16/AR15 Mag Stock
 Allows Use Of M16/AR 15 Mags --  Without Butt Plate & Sling Pin 
  • Desert Tan Semi Auto Stock & Grip Kit  Pic 
  • $375 Steyr AUG A1/A2 Semi Auto Black Stock & Grip Kit Pic
  • $350 Steyr AUG A1/A2 Semi Auto Black Stock NO Grip  Pic
  • $375 Steyr AUG A1/A2 Green Semi Auto Stock & Grip Kit  Pic
  • Steyr AUG Green Select Fire Stock  Pic
  • Steyr AUG-P Black Select Fire Stock  Pic
  • $395 Steyr AUG 9mm Factory Green Stocks  Pic
  • $395 Steyr AUG-P 9mm Factory Black Stocks  Pic
  • $50 Steyr AUG 3 Position Safety Selector  Pic
  • $50 Steyr AUG Butt Plates Black  Pic
  • $50 Steyr AUG Butt Plates Green  Pic 
  • $35 AUG Stock Group Ejection Port Kits (Grn or Blk)  Pic
  • $15 AUG Stock Group Ejection Port Covers (Grn or Blk)  Pic
  • $25 AUG Stock Group Inner Metal Ejection Port Cover  Pic
  • $8 Steyr AUG Stock Cleaning Kit Covers  Pic
  • $30 Steyr AUG/USR Rear Butt Plate Sling Pins  Pic
  • Steyr AUG VLTOR QD Butt Plate Sling Pins Pic
  • $15 AUG Stock Cross Latch Springs For Stock, They Break  Pic
  • $35 AUG Stock Magazine Catch Rebuild Kit (please specify color)  Pic
  • $15 Steyr AUG Stock Group Safety Selector Spring  Pic

  • $130 Steyr AUG A1/A2/USR Semi Auto Hammer Packs  Pic
  • $130 Steyr AUG "NATO" Semi Auto Hammer Packs
  • $150 Steyr AUG A3/M1 Semi Auto Hammer Packs
  • Steyr AUG NFA 3 Rnd Burst Full Auto Packs  Pic
  • $75 Steyr AUG Fullo Auto Hammer Pack Housing
  • Steyr Aug NFA Full Auto Hammer Packs  Pic
  • $35 Last Round Bolt Hold Open Catch For Hammer Pack  Pic
  • $30 AUG F/A / S/A Spare Hammers  Pic
  • $30 AUG Hammer Springs (corrects NFA conversion timing)  Pic
  • $30 AUG F/A Disconnector Lever (corrects NFA conversion timing)  Pic
Steyr SPP / TMP Factory Mags

  • $32 Steyr AUG Green  42rnd Mags  Pic
  • $32 Steyr AUG Black 42rnd Mags  Pic
  • $30 Steyr AUG Green 30rnd Mags  Pic
  • $30 Steyr AUG Black 30rnd Mags  Pic
  • $45 Steyr AUG Black 10rnd Mags  Pic 
  • $75 Steyr AUG LEO Marked 30rnd Mags Black Or Green  Pic
  • $62 Steyr AUG 9mm Factory 25rnd Mags  Pic
  • Steyr SPP TMP Austrian Factory 30rnd Mags 
  • Steyr AUG 6th Gen 9mm Kit - ** 0 In Stock ** **Banned From Further Importation**
  • Original Gsi Steyr AUG 9mm Kit (Rare Collector Item)  
  • $395 9mm Factory Black F/A Steyr AUG Stocks  Pic
  • $395 9mm Factory Green F/A Steyr AUG Stocks  Pic
  • 9mm Factory Black Semi Steyr AUG Stock (no butt Plate or sling pin)
  • AUG 9mm Semi Auto Bolt Carrier Group, New 6th Gen  Pic
  • B/O AUG 9mm Firing Pin
  • $75 Steyr AUG 9mm Full Auto Steel Cocking Piece
  • B/O Steyr AUG 9mm Barrel  Pic
  • $150 New Steyr AUG 9mm Magazine Adapter  Pic
  • $130 Steyr AUG 9mm Flashider (last ones)  Pic
  • $62 Steyr AUG 9mm Factory 25rnd Mags  Pic   Pic
  • $50 Steyr AUG 9mm Steel Magazine Loader
  • AUG 9mm Bolt Carrier Take Down Tool  Pic 
  • Steyr AUG Green Bayonet  Pic
  • Steyr AUG Black Bayonet  Pic
  • $50 Factory Steyr AUG Bayonet Lugs  Pic
  • $50 20" AUG Blank Firing Adapter  Pic
  • 16" AUG Blank Firing Adapter  Pic
  • 24" AUG Blank Firing Adapter & Gas Plug  Pic
  • $30 Steyr AUG/USR Factory Green Slings  Pic
  • $30 Steyr AUG/USR Factory Black Slings  Pic
  • $150 Steyr AUG/USR Factory Brass Catcher  Pic
  • $30 Steyr AUG/USR Factory Cleaning Kits  Pic
  • $40 Steyr AUG 9mm Factory Cleaning Kits  Pic
  • $5 Steyr AUG Stock Cleaning Kit Covers  Pic
  • $12 Steyr AUG A2/USR Factory Sight Tools  Pic
  • $150 Steyr AUG/A2 USR Picatinny Rails  Pic
  • $15 Lens caps ( 2 piece )  Pic
  • $15 Steyr AUG Black Or Green Muzzle Caps  Pic
  • $150 Factory Steyr AUG 9mm Flashiders  Pic
  • $50 Factory Steyr AUG 9mm Magazine Loader  Pic
  • $10 Steyr AUG-P Black 16" -- Jacket Patch  Pic
  • Steyr AUG A1/A2 Factory Manuals  Pic 
  • $25 Steyr AUG Factory Test Targets  Pic 
  • $550 Steyr AUG A3 1.5 Scope Assembly Pic
  • $650 ** All New ** Steyr AUG A3 3x Scope Assembly Pic 
  • $500 Steyr AUG A2/USR Scope Assembly
  • $515 Steyr AUG A3/M1 Skinny STG77 Scope Assembly 
  • $550 Steyr AUG A3/M1 3x Scope
  • $515 Steyr AUG A3/M1 1.5 Scope
  • $135 Steyr AUG A3/M1 Extended Long Rail 
  • $130 Steyr AUG A3/M1 High Rail
  • $130 Steyr AUG A3/M1 Low Rail 

Steyr AUG Complete Rifle Parts Kits Minus Receiver
 $1250 - AUG A3/M1 Black 16" Parts Kit "New" 
 Time To Upgrade Your A1/A2 AUG 
Complete A3 Stock, Hammer Pack, CHF Barrel & Complete Bolt Carrier Group
Just Drop In Your AUG A1 / A2 Or USR Receiver And You Are ready To Shoot 

Steyr AUG Parts Page Was Updated: May 22, 2018

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We stock all small replacement/spare parts for the Steyr AUG & USR

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Steyr AUG Parts Page Was Updated: May 22, 2018
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Steyr SSG Picatinny Rail
Rare Steyr SPP / TMP Factory Rail  $Sold Out  Pic