** AUG A3s Currently Out Of Production **
New AUG M1s Now Available Click Here 
FN USA Made Barrel, Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined!
Steyr Arms Assembling AUG A3 In Bessemer, AL
All A3s Have VLTOR Machined Receivers!

Don't Forget Our Special On Factory Steyr AUG Spare Parts,
AUG Mags, 30s, 42s, Picatinny Grip Rail & AUG A3 Scope 
PJA Investments Company
D.B.A As Pjs 
FFL/SOT Class 3
Over 29 Years
High End Firearms
Specializing In Steyr AUG Type Rifles
Over 3500 AUG/USRs Sold To Date
Tele: 704 668 7973


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As We Have Specialized In Steyr AUGs For Over 23 Years
We Will Continue To Stock Steyr AUG Magazines And All Replacement Parts
For Your New And Old STEYR AUG & USRs At Competitive Prices.
** Large Steyr AUG/USR Parts Order Is In **
Expert Repair Service Is Offered For Your AUGs & USRs 

** In Stock ** Factory Steyr AUG A3 Scope $B/O
** In Stock ** Factory Steyr AUG A3 Grip Rails $260.00
** In Stock ** Steyr AUG A3 High Rails $B/O

Don't forget to get your spare parts & mags for your new AUG A3

Factory A3 AUG Scopes In Stock Limited Quantity 
A3 Scopes Are Current Steyr Military Issue
** $B/O each **
This page was last updated: October 11, 2016
We Offer 4 Models Of The Steyr AUG A3

1. Steyr AUG A3 CQC -- $2300  -- OUT        

2. Steyr AUG A3 CQC NATO -- OUT

3. Steyr AUG A3 Black Or Green OD 16" -- Out Of Stock 

4. Steyr AUG A3 Black 16" NATO -- Out Of Stock

*** Prices Subject To Change ***

Email ~ pjs1inc@aol.com or Call 704-668-7973

AUG A3 CQC With Optional Steyr A3 Scope
AUG A3 NATO Package

AUSTRIAN Steyr AUG A3 Scopes Only $650 each
AUSTRIAN Steyr AUG Small Spare Parts Kits $160 each